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Want to feel confident during your child's IEP/504 meeting? Do you have questions if your child is being provided all that he or she needs to be successful?

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How It Works

The Process:

Complete the profile for your child

We have a proprietary online system for you to easily upload your child’s information. That profile is then securely shared with our state licensed reviewers. The Essential IEP Review process then begins and we get your results back to you, so you can succeed in your IEP/504 meeting.

Experts in special education will review your documents

Licensed special education teachers and school psychologists based in your state will review your child’s information. Then we develop a plan that best helps your child and family.

Essential IEP Review results delivered

The results of the Essential IEP Review are delivered and outlined for you. These results simply spell out everything you need to ensure the school provides your child with the education that fits their specific needs. You now have the tools needed to succeed in your child’s IEP/504 meeting.

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Common Questions

We know how confusing and frustrating the IEP/504 process can be. IEP Answers makes it simple. Our state licensed teachers and school psychologists are on your side. Through Essential IEP Review our team reviews your child’s IEP/504 and gives YOU the tools to be your child’s best advocate. IEP Answers provides families an affordable way to help their child.
Absolutely! IEP Answers offers the same expert review process for 504 Plans as it does for IEPs. Essential IEP Review will team you with special education teachers and school psychologists from your state and deliver the same tools for you to best prepare for your 504 meeting. Whether you need an IEP or 504, if our professionals feel they cannot best help you and your family, IEP Answers offers a 100% refund.
IEP Answers wants to help every family. However, because our work is done with local experts on our team, we cannot cover the entire country yet. Look at our Map and if you live in our broad launch area, we are happy to help. Our launch was based on demand and the expertise of our team. Good news is we are always looking to expand. If we currently do not cover your state, please reach out via our Contact form so we know where we should grow and who we can help next.
Once the Essential IEP Review is complete you will have a document that will help you feel the confidence you deserve to navigate and readily participate in your child’s IEP or 504 development. Our experts will compile a very easy to read and understand overview of the current situation at school. This is a great way to know exactly what services are currently implemented, in parent friendly language. We are not all educators or speak their lingo! There are also listings where the school and your child are succeeding, and team recommendations on additional accommodations or strategies to help your child grow, learn and succeed.


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